Although it’s only been a short time since you corrected the Earth Energy flow at our property, I thought I should let you know how things are.
There has been a remarkable change in my 9 year old dun , he is the horse who changed after I moved him to the new stables , his stable is the first one in the line of the purple energy flow, he was really spooky , and saw monsters everywhere , he is honestly a different horse , I could only describe him as if he has had a Valium, I have ridden him twice this week and I haven’t been prepared to get on him for the last 8 months .
Strangely his coat has changed, he has shed his really thick coat (which was too thick for a summer coat really) and is looking so much better.
I haven’t noticed much difference with the others, but they didn’t really change when they moved to the new yard, I guess some horses like people can be more sensitive,

my new horse with the ulcers does seem to have improved with her attitude and I have everything crossed she will keep getting better. I can’t thank you enough for helping us,
my only my regret is I didn’t get you out sooner, all the horses seem much calmer and happier, the difference is really astounding.

Mrs Alison R…Hood Green, South Yorkshire 2021

I have held back on my response to the geopathic work you completed 17 days ago in order to give a more quantifiable view of our home. You mentioned tiredness as a possible effect. I did get tired, but my primary symptom was a feeling of having no energy reserves in my body. I could do everything normally and carry on, but my body/mind was telling me otherwise, most peculiar. This lasted exactly 8 days and on the 8th day it suddenly cleared, and I felt my usual self again, and have remained so since.
I did not say anything during your visit but the very first thing I noticed was the atmosphere/air in the lounge seemed to be thinner when you had finished. I wondered if it was the summer air with the doors and windows being open, hence my not saying anything. Now, after all of this time, I can reliably state that the air is feeling less heavy, ie thinner and easier to breath. Significantly, the first week I could see that my reaction to allergens in the room had dropped by 90 to 95 per cent. My reactions to allergens is something I have never been able to psychosomatically control so the improvement to my breathing is, in my opinion, the most genuine measure I have, when it comes to allergic reactions associated with breathing. The second week saw my reaction become lessened and is at the point where I am uncertain as to whether I am getting a reaction when I spend an evening in the lounge. This is remarkable as I had complained of my chest tightening, whilst using the lounge, right up to the point of your visit.
On the first floor the effects are not so obvious to me as I have slept well but, of course, I am going to sleep in a much better physical condition than previously. As far as I can tell there is no obvious change to the air or sensory environment on the first floor.
In conclusion, I would describe your work as successful and I am very, very appreciative that you were able fit me in to your schedule.
As you know Mr DW put me on your services. The house he is renting was incredibly heavy with what seemed like dust. Every room gave me a really strong negative reaction and I had to escape before my chest cramped up. After you had visited I could notice from the moment he opened his front door that the air in the house had changed and improved in an identical way to my lounge. Interestingly the improvement was everywhere when I walked round all of the rooms. I am also able to remain in the house although I still get a very tiny reaction with a minute amount of tightening in my bronchial tube. I wish you every success with your Business.

Mr David P … Ovingdean, Brighton 2018

You came to my house in March & carried out some Geopathic corrections, to try to help with my son’s sleeping. A GREAT SUCCESS
That night he slept in his own bed and has only been through to me a couple of times. He still struggled with sleep but is very contented in his own room.
Thank you so much. Life is much better.

Mrs Karen D…Twyford, Berkshire 2018

Problems Sleeping & Disruption

My three daughters all had problems sleeping in their bedrooms in our bungalow and yet at University, or friend’s houses they did not seem to have a problem. I too had insomnia, either not being able to get to sleep or waking up for ages in the early hours of the morning. At times I felt slightly nauseas and sometimes felt as if I was on a fairground ride! I had read about sleeping over Geopathically stressed areas years ago and finally decided to get it checked out.
I was very fortunate to be recommended to Martin.
Initially Martin dowsed our bungalow from a distance. He had no knowledge of the internal layout or sleeping arrangements.The results were fascinating, although not surprising. They confirmed that we were all sleeping over areas that were not conducive to good health and sleep.In view of this Martin came to the house and installed outside some very unobtrusive units to rectify the situation.
The results have been truly amazing with all the girl’s(unbeknown that Martin had been) sleeping so much better, including me! One night I didn’t waken once....a miracle!
Martin has been so generous with his time, extremely thorough and professional and has shown genuine care and understanding.He has done a fantastic job (understatement) and I cannot recommend Martin highly enough – Thank you!

G Stott…Harrogate, North Yorkshire 2016


After a remote dowsing by Martin had identified 3 areas that required Geopathic correction, one of which went through our sitting room, I made an appointment for Martin to visit.
Martin arrived as arranged and worked his way around the property fully explaining what he suggested would correct the negative energy, he then installed the necessary diversions, very discretely, and tidily
Within 24 hours the chill we had felt in the sitting room had gone completely, and the atmosphere within the main house felt much lighter.
We have yet to see the bookings increase as a result of the correction made to the holiday cottage (time will tell).

I would highly recommend Martin the Geopathic Property Doctor to those who feel their property is not quite as it should be.

J Stollery…North Yorkshire 2016

Thank you so much for the Geopathic Survey, safely received and printed off.(following a remote cleansing you performed). We deliberately didn't clockwatch last night; we were not aware of any paranormal activity but I felt a definite lightening inside myself over the course of the evening, whilst David developed a sore stomach! Make of that what you will......

As regards our experience as your customers, we were so impressed with the promptness of your responses, the thoroughness of the survey, and the detailed explanations given to all our questions. You are such a warm and sympathetic person that the whole exercise for us was positive, reassuring, and a delight.

Please do feel free to quote us, if appropriate, and on our part we shall be recommending you right, left and centre!

PS - The lightness continues, and the stomach is recovering

David and Sue
Ludlow, Shropshire 2015

In September 2009 Martin was invited to Reaseheath College equine unit to do a geopathic survey at the equine department. We are a department that works with over 200 hundred students and 60 horses on site. During the survey and the geopathic correction support work Martin was at all times extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional taking the staff/students and our horse’s welfare into full consideration. Since this work has taken place the energy on the site has felt so different with many people noticing the effects in a positive way with students and our horses. There was one particular area in one of our stable yards where there was a spiral of energy forming where our horses did not settle. Since the energy correction has taken place the horses in this area are so much more settled in their stables. This is also an area on the outer wall where we see that students gather prior to lessons this has not happened prior to this energy correction. I can fully recommend the work that Martin specialises in which helps to bring harmony and balance into the horses and humans environment.

Caroline Booth BHSI
Head of Equine department Reaseheath College
Nantwich Cheshire

Martin we would like to thank you for the generous time, support and knowledge you have given, to enable us to bring together the natural energies of the Japanese peace garden.
It has always been our intent for the area to be used as a spiritual retreat. The predominant placing of the stones has aligned and directed the energies into the meditation house, which we know will promote beneficial healing energy for all who take the time to sit and be. The choice of stones are perfect for their intended use. It takes a person of high integrity to work with the universal energy of the mineral kingdom and this is evident in Martins business venture. We wish you well Martin.

Mr & Mrs Ford, Church Stretton, Shropshire.

We live in a grade II listed building which was built around 1800. It was, years ago used as a public house, then was the post office for the local villagers. Our part of the building is roughly a third of the size of the whole building, the other two thirds are owned by another couple with a teenage daughter. We had lived here for approximately 18 months when our 3 year old daughter started to really play up when it was time to go to bed, screaming, shouting, asking for drinks, more kisses, anything to stall for time. And one day through an adhoc conversation with her, she said that she didn't like going to bed because of the 'digger man!' This was the first we had heard of this, we had just assumed that she was just being naughty and trying anything to get from going to bed. The 'digger man' told her off apparently and this quite obviously scared her!! I asked her loads of questions about him and as much as I tried to trip her up so that I could say, it's just a dream, she came back with the same things over and over again. This is when we contacted The Geopathic Property Doctor. Martin came and straight away said that there were a few characters in our house (not surprising considering the age of the property) but after marching up and down outside with his divining rods told us that there was an energy line running straight through the house and whist the line was not running through any sensitive areas, this was where our friend was coming through. He proceeded upstairs where we had closed all the doors, he was faced with 3 closed doors, he immediately put his hand on our daughters bedroom door and said that the energy was stood the other side, he explained that it wasn't always necessary to throw holy water over them and denounce the devil, but sometimes a 'little chat' was all that was needed. Anyway we went and got our daughter who had no idea what was going on and said that Martin was going to play his singing bowl in her room. We did this for roughly 10 minutes with our daughter having a go as well and Martin asked our friend to leave the property. Some of the other characters in our house apparently are children and he was apparently happy to go with them and that is what we believe has happened, as now apart from the usual 3 year old antics, our daughter is quite happy in her room, goes to sleep quite happily and there has been no mention of the 'Digger Man' since that day.

Mr Nudds, Trewern, Near welshpool, Powys

Just a brief thank you again for checking out my house, It is good to know that the Energy in my house is good and balanced, great to have the additional info on the lady you saw & now I know that the apparition in the house is with me so to speak and is actually looking out for me I can rest a little easier, probably even get to know the old girl on the courses.

Mr Steve K, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

We are exceptionally satisfied with the highly professional Geopathic survey completed by Martin Wood on our property. Martin was very thorough and knowledgeable, as well as being extremely easy to get on with. Strongly recommended.

Mrs. Hanson, Shawbury, Nr Shrewsbury.

Your two day course on dowsing and Earth energies, May 2010 was a real eye-opener. I have been dowsing water courses for years but the use of steel rods and standing granite stones to concentrate or weaken/divert Earth energies from streams etc, and your demonstrations with our participation, was a revelation. The fact that some Earth energies can be harmful and can be diverted or reduced in power showed me how important the work is.
We all accept the existence of radio waves in television, telecommunications and radar as an everyday thing - we use them/control them everyday. However, with Earth energies the population is not, in the main, aware of its existence or its affects. With your work this may be changing.
I would also like to thank you for sorting out the problems with the bad energies in a corner of my house. As I have said, I have always had an interest in dowsing but I was unaware that the energies given off by underground streams could have such a negative affect i.e. upward spirals. You showed that the energy could be deflected away from the house itself. After a chance meeting with a friend who told me about your work, I decided to get you in just to check the house out. Working with you on site, I could see how the energies were diverted as I too used the dowsing rods. I have to say that since your work a few weeks ago I now feel 100% better and so does my wife.
Looking back over many years this could well have been a major factor in health issues. What is interesting is that every cat that we have had over the years at this house has avoided the affected areas of the house like the plague. Now, the cat is completely relaxed and sleeps in what was a bad spiral area. As a former Electrical Design Engineer, with necessary knowledge of physics and telecommunications this has added a new dimension to my understanding of subtle energy.

Many thanks

Bob Edwards Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

We both had a fantastic day when you came to do the Survey. Martin helped us to connect with our property, did not mind lots of questions to which he replied very informatively
He was very friendly with professional manners and inspired us with confidence and enthusiasm.
He gave us details on how to enhance the important energy points of the property which was most useful.
Most surprising were the entities he described and was able to observe. He did not make us feel as though the meter was ticking and gave us all the time we needed which was most refreshing in this day and age!
We will use his services again and implement Martin’s suggestions later in the year.
Thank you Martin!

Barry & Claude, Penybont, Llandrindod Wells, Powys

I have had many people over the last 12 years to "cure" the bad energy lines in my house. At best I have had some slight relief for a few weeks, but nothing has had any lasting effect.
It has been over 3 months since Martin came to survey and place his stones and the house has felt so much better. I have a much more positive outlook on life, having suffered with depression for many years. (I've lost count of the amount of people who have commented on how positive I have become!)
The stream of rowdy teenagers that congregated in my son's bedroom has diminished; he's even redecorated his room from a dark blue to white!
A very welcome added bonus is my finances have improved for the first time in 10 years!
I can honestly say that the results of Martins work at my property have been profound and I highly recommend him to everyone.

Ms S, Church Stretton

Following the energy correction you did, I've noticed several things. Firstly that the rabbits now spend much more time in the run portion of their hutch, even lying down and relaxing there. Previously they came down to eat and went back to the higher part of their hutch - so I think they were the first ones to notice the difference when the energy was diverted from flowing through their area. My husband, whose office was directly in the path of 2 energy lines, has constantly suffered with colds & being generally run down - I've noticed that he has shaken off the last cold & has more energy. My children used to constantly bicker at the dinner table, now it may be coincidence, but since the corrections have been done and the large energy spiral near the table removed, there's been no arguments - long may it continue! Personally, I've never felt settled in the house and always wanted to move, but never known why, when I saw the plan with the energy lines illustrated; I understood my urge to move home. I generally feel more positive about the house and the house seems 'lighter' somehow.
So thank you for all you've done - I'm looking forward to my pets now living to a ripe old age!

Mrs. E Alexander, Knutsford, Cheshire

Thank you for your expertise on my stables and land thanks to you things are much clearer now and I can now go ahead putting a property on there knowing that I will not upset any of the 5 spirits who live down there. The information you provided on the soldier that I saw with my own eyes a few years ago was fascinating, when I travel around the field doing my jobs I know I'm not alone and I got proof of him following me around a few evenings ago, I have forwarded the shot I captured of him to your email inbox. I can sense him around me and I feel privileged to have a former 1403 soldier looking after me alongside the mounted cavalier who looks after my horses. The little brother and sister who play in the barn with their black and white cat are still laughing and joking and sometimes they come home with us as we can hear them in the night giggling. It's very reassuring to have not one but two regimental body guards keeping an eye on the place, and then there is Glynn a man you said had lived and died on the land my years ago, he is very quiet and keeps himself to himself.
I must also thank you for warning me of the health issues to the horses connected to the energy levels which were flowing through two of my stables, they are the two most lively of my eight horses and now I know why. The corrections you made hopefully have now made a difference I can't tell until they start coming in on a night time but I will let you know if anything strange happens. I'm sure it won't because we tested the corrections together.
I would recommend you to anyone who has issues with anything paranormal and be totally confident that you can help them, I do not doubt your talent in any way. Your welcome to bring any trainees down to the yard to test their senses as there are an abundant of spirits down here for you to practice on, many thanks again Martin you have become a very good friend through all of this.

Ms L, Bateman Bings Heath, Shawbury. November 2012

I found Martin to be very professional & thorough when he did a remote reading of my property. The information he gave me was explained very clearly & it was good to have the diagrams to help me understand. Many Thanks Martin.

H Barnsley, Worcestershire.

I didn’t get back to you before because I wanted to be certain that we have experienced changes in the house.
I am very glad to confirm that we both feel more energetic, well and comfortable in the house. I had to make sure that this feeling was not euphoria after our very successful holiday.
Both of us seem to have a more relaxed attitude to each other and life in general and we pray that this will continue especially during the winter!
Thank you very much for changing our lives.

Mrs. T Minns. Wood Green, Hampshire. October 2013.

Martin performed some powerful work here for me. His skilful detection and correction of a strong energy line that was causing all sorts of emotional and energetic turmoil has literally transformed my life. The stresses and worries have gone and I feel totally uplifted and positive about the future. I will never again underestimate the effect of geopathic stress.

C Page, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire




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