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Energy Of The Earth

The term Geopathic stress (GS) is derived from the Greek word meaning earth and illness. GS has been known about for many thousands of years.

Before building new houses the ancient Chinese would dowse the site first. In the 1930’s a study was carried out by Baron Gustav Von Pohl he looked at the historical medical records of two towns near Munich and found unusually high incidences of cancer within some of the houses. He attributed the causative factor for the cancers as underground streams that he found flowing under the houses and more particularly under the point that they spent most of their lives - their beds.

This was only to be the start others of note were to later pursue a way of blocking the effects of misbalance with the earths energy. I found this energy can be changed and manipulated.

How do the Earth Energies Affect me?
There is a naturally occurring energy that links our material form to the spiritual cosmos, a few have found a link between streams of energy and a deterioration in the way the body repairs and restores it’s own immune functioning. Long term exposure to some forms of GS will place the body in a permanent state of stress leading to both mental and physical imbalance

I found the energy that is our aura was the same constituent energy that flows naturally all about us in our world. I also found an interaction between man made structures, generated frequencies & the natural energy flow. This regular interaction was observed to not only cause a corruption of any naturally existing energies and create resistance to treatment but also undo previous attempts to correct the problem by attempting to change the existing energy in place to a more beneficial form. It is for this reason that I prefer to physically move energy from the home or work environment.
There are also many positives to earth energy, for instance you may be a spiritual worker and want a place of meditation or somewhere positively energised.

How does the Energy Affect Animals?

Some horses in particular react in the most amazing way to earth energy, detrimental energy within their space can leave the more sensitive characters quite nervy.
I believe the removal or changing of the detrimental energies in particular can not only aid with health but also in many cases facilitate a better bonding between human & horse.

Is There A Link Between Ghosts & Energy?

This is one of the commonest reasons I am initially called in whether you believe in the afterlife or not, pause just for a moment, you may not have to use a professional to sort this one out.

Without going into the complexities of why this works, simply try asking the ghost to leave first with absolute conviction. So simple but more often than not they will oblige.

The presence of ghosts will usually mean you have earth energy within your house so a check on this would be advised whether your ghost is friendly or not.

Below are some of the more commonly experienced effects of GS

  • Cold Spots or a feeling of unease in your home.
  • Have a problem with an entity or ghost or other.
  • Constant ill health since acquiring a new house.
  • A history of hyperactivity and headaches and nervous conditions.
  • A history of Divorce or Cancers associated with the house.
  • Lightning striking your home.
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