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My name is Martin Wood I am an Earth Energy Consultant.

I deal with the many health problems caused by Geopathic Energy & some aspects of the paranormal by changing the environmental Energies of the home or workplace. I also offer a range of courses.

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About Me

What Is An Earth Energy Consultant?

The Geopathic Property Doctor deals with removal, balancing and adjustment of the earth’s energies within home or business, providing advice and clearance of negative energy which would affect the health and well being for both human and animal alike.

My Services/Correction Of Energies

The path to healing the body & balancing the environment can be a unique & varied one, for this reason I offer a consultation & Survey to identify any Energy problems prior to the correction of energies identified. This work can & usually is, done at distance.

In the first instance I would advise where possible of any remedial work that can be undertaken by the client with guidance.

Where I am required to attend a number of techniques & materials can be employed to deal with the correction of energies, this is usually achieved with the fixing of Earth Energy correction units, developed over many years along with a whole range of other disciplines.

Earth/Water Energy Correction Units


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