A proportion of the geopathic adjustments that I carry out are at Equine sites. I have found that horses like humans are as sensitive to the effects of Geopathic Stress if not more so.

I am well versed in providing adjustments upon Equine sites to turn the actual path of energy affecting specific points & buildings, having worked to a safe & effective standard upon studs, liveries & an Equine College.
Studies indicate that Geopathic Stress or Dowsed energy flows & underground streams can interfere with humans & animals biological systems. I have found it can weaken the immune system causing many differing types of illness besides the usual upset or skittishness seen in horses. It is known that animals can usually sense natures unrest be it earthquakes or severe weather long before we usually realise.
I have found Other common causes of Geopathic unrest can also be enhanced from electrical pylons & transformers even though they are low frequency applications they have a profound affect upon earth energy flows. It is sometimes a combination of all these energy flows interacting with the wide use of metallic building materials used in the construction & facing of many modern day Equine structures, indeed energy flows striking metal gates in a field can even deter many of the more sensitive horses from approaching without throwing a strop
New Energy controls at an Equine site in East Yorkshire

The most amazing thing is that there is no placebo effect that some people would attribute to humans, with horses the behavioural changes can be immediate & rewarding for all concerned.

Thanks Martin for an amazing energy connection of our land, yard and house!
Lovely dreams since and an energizing sleep and our horses are happier too!!

Beccy Yorkshire


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