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Introducing Myself
Hello my name is Martin Wood,

I have been described as a Natural Intuitive, having been psychically aware from a very young age. I have had a lifetime's experience working in the spiritual arena. I originally focused on the progression of those ghostly friends who had become stuck close to our plane of existence. I then progressed on to take the occasional clairvoyant church service culminating in the establishment and running of development circles over a 15 year period, pioneering many working techniques. I am also an affiliated Healer to the National Federation of Healers.
It is fair to say that I am passionate about most things to do with the paranormal, my early years allowed me to grow and experience many of the wonderful healing gifts the Spirit World and it’s energies had to offer. My work teaching others within the development circles was by far the most rewarding allowing me to share and explore the many Holistic ways of working with both the spiritual & psychic. This would finally lead to many courses covering a plethora of holistic subjects which I would run in later years.
I have always taken a non complicated approach to the paranormal paying particular attention to the basics. My understanding of the energy at work behind the scenes and an ability to psychically see what is happening has enabled me to learn over time how to control the very essence of the psychic and the earth energies which occur naturally about us. I also noticed a link between paranormal activity and earth energy.

With the opening of the Broadmeadow Holistic Centre in late 2007 I built a fully working standing stone circle with the help of my friends it was an opportunity to apply all that I have learned over the many years. The circle has been a resounding success, locked into the energies of the local landscape and is used for dowsing courses and by other holistic practitioners using the site. The circle nicknamed Bothenge by the locals has been a special venue for the celebration of the Solstice’s and Equinox’s as well as a launch pad for further tests and studies.


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